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Aluminum Balcony/Railing Systems


Unlike wood or steel construction, the ALCUF BALCONY SYSTEM provides superior strength, beauty, life, and value for your balcony needs. It will normally adapt to any type of building structure, whether it is new construction, or an existing building. For typical residential wood framed structures, there are normally very minor design alterations required to accommodate the system. The design of the ALCUF BALCONY SYSTEM provides for minimum labor cost during installation. Because it is substantially all aluminum, it requires no heavy equipment, and minimal scaffolding during construction. This is how the overall cost of the system remains competitive even though the actual materials are more expensive than some alternatives. Because of its innovative design and engineering, your ALCUF BALCONY requires minimal labor costs providing you with a very competitive balcony solution.

Fence System


The ALCUF FENCE is a universal fence system consists of a tough, resilient aluminum frame that snap-fits together to form a strong dependable unit capable of support any screening material - wire mesh metal, plastic, or wood panels - without sag or drag. Used Imaginatively, ALCUF FENCE can produce almost any effect you can visualize. With its locked-in assembly, ALCUF is tough, strong, shock-absorbent and long lasting. Snap fit design means fast, accurate installation - and easy dismantling with no damage to parts if you want to add to or change the fence.

Noise Barrier
Noise Barrier

Noise Barrier

ALCUF provides aesthetically appealing barriers which can follow terrain contours naturally. This means less landscaping since no stepping is required. It's continuous panel design means less seams or potential sound leaks.

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